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Land Acquisition


Newhomes Estates is a long standing and active medium sized residential development company. We source, plan and build our projects so our geographical area is restricted to an area circa. 15 miles of Gerrards Cross for strategic reasons; primarily South Bucks, Middlesex, parts of Herts and Berkshire. We are currently seeking future development opportunities, from single house plots to sites for multiple units, including houses, apartments in prime locations, with or without planning consent. Due to our considerable experience in developing contentious sites land which has been the subject of refusal on planning grounds is also of interest to us.

Newhomes Estates are a financial secure company and have funding to acquire appropriate sites for residential development but are equally happy to consider alternative options, or indeed joint ventures, which can considerably improve the value of a site.

As Newhomes Estates was established in 1988 our long standing expertise, together with our selected team of consultants, is able to ensure that we are able to maximise the potential of a site which, in turn, maximises the value of your property to you. We will undertake all the necessary work at no cost to you, and are even willing to contribute towards the cost of your chosen solicitor’s fees.

Newhomes Estates has a reputation for developing high quality properties in desirable locations. We are eager to hear about any brownfield sites or redundant commercial premises and houses with large garden are of particular interest to us. We have a fresh, innovative approach to development, we can quickly assess the potential of a site and our total discretion is assured.

We would be pleased to hear of any opportunities that you may feel would be of interest to us; we openly invite new relationships with landowners, agents and professional representatives to participate in a mutually productive relationship.

If you have land which you feel may be of interest to Newhomes Estates,
please contact us on

01753 480333 or email us: info@newhomesestates.com